For my digital story I’m choosing option 1: college, self, and community with a focus on campus engagement. I chose this option because it will force me to participate in something new on campus and hopefully find a community as well as understand more how campus engagement effects me as well as others. For my campus engagement I am choosing Our Voices, which is a dialogue group hosted by the women’s center and multicultural student engagement center that “aims to support and engage the intersection of identities, foster a safe space for identity development, self-expression, and self-reflection, and develop responsible leaders to advance the needs and enrich the experiences of indigenous women and women of color.”

I plan to gather information by first observing the sessions, and then as things settle and participants get use to coming, interview how participants feel about the group and how it may or may not be effecting them.

Possible Questions to Ask:

  1. How does coming to this dialogue group make you feel?
  2. Has it changed your perspective on any social issues?
  3. Do you feel accepted here?
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