The Internet Lurker Finds A Voice

For the longest time I have been existing on the internet as what some people might call a “Lurker”. That person who visits pages, reads the stories but almost never adds his own two cents in the comment section.

Whether it be because I didn’t have anything to add, or just the fact that I am not a confrontational person and arguing with complete strangers feels extremely off putting, I never really had the urge to chime in and have my opinions immortalized and debated on over social media; or worse, ignored. I wouldn’t consider myself shy however, I have very strong opinions and excellent conversations amongst acquaintances and friends.

So the question I always asked myself was why bother? Does my opinion even matter in the slightest? I almost always walk away from any comment thread with a dirty feeling that I’d just lost several thousand brain cells from reading all the vitriol. The negativity and slanderous speech are something that I think plague the internet and may take decades for us to get past, if we can at all.

These things bother me, but at the same time I really do enjoy writing and while very new to it I want to practice and voice my thoughts even if just for myself to vent a little. Medium so far seems like a place where people can feel safe to express ideas without the harsh reactions like other websites but then again I am very new to it here. It’s time to take the plunge and if that means I can help or encourage anyone then I suppose it will be all worth it. Plus living in another country gives me lots of fun stories to share. More to come soon.


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