Blockchain-based SNS Foresting Pitches at Blockchain Open Forum

Jun 29, 2018 · 3 min read

The first edition of Blockchain Open Forum Seoul closed on Friday June 29 with heads up high about the future of blockchain, not only in Korea but global.

The 2-day event which opened on Thursday June 28 at GS Tower AMORIS in Seoul and brought together world-class thought leaders and expert speakers from across the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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Blockchain Open Forum 2018

Hosted by TokenPost and EconoTimes, the 2018 blockchain Open forum aimed at highlighting the successful and innovative blockchain cases and offer valuable insights into the technology. In addition, it provided opportunity for firsthand companies and ICOs to network and explore opportunities into the future of blockchain.

TokenPost is a leading provider of news on distributed ledger technology and strives to keep readers abreast of latest trends and technology developments in the blockchain industry. They provide up-to-date information from several sources to deliver objective news with creative perspectives.

There were hundreds of participants from more than 50 companies, such as Binance, Ripple, Xurpass, Bitfury, Evercoin, Strong Ventures, AZIZI, Soso Lab, GBIC, #HASHED, BTC China, Gumi, Shuttle, CoinStreet Partners, BitHolla, HMP Law, Cumberland Mining, iCO Crowd, Alt.Estate, KSoP, Korea Social Investment, DDEX, MONACO, Satori, Ponder,, Giving Ledger, Block Info and more.

Speakers shared their views on the topics about decentralized exchanges, tokens in entertainment, fintech, crypto regulations and blockchain in media. Speakers and panelists — Brock Pierce from Bitcoin Foundation, Tim Draper from Draper Associates, Nix Nolledo from Xurpass, Sonny Kwon from TokenPost, Josh Fraser form Origin Protocol, Daniel Eom from Foresting, Ben Jodan from Stylo, Bowen Wang from DDEX and others — answered the hot questions in a warm discussion.

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Daniel Eom, who is recently receiving much attention and expectation, introduced Foresting. Forresting is a business model that can generate primary revenue by content itself, unlike the existing SNSs that have to rely solely on advertising revenue. It is said to have secured a competitive edge by complementing the shortcomings of SteamIT, which is called the first-generation block-chain platform.

“Foresting is a blockchain-based SNS platform that will open up a new world. It will make content more easily and faster than the existing SNS, and will increase the efficiency and influence of content providers to produce better contents.” With the help of blockchain technology and new social media we will create a new ecosystem through the operation of tokens. “

As a pioneer and planner of the CyClean, Mr. Jae-yeong Kim, made a lecture titled “Making a Clean World!”. He mentioned, “Making a clean world is not only the environment but also people are part of the nature and pollution is caused by people. In order to have a healthy and clean mind, your body must be healthy first. If you walk in a fitness band, you can get a CyClean Coin depending on the number of steps, exercise bike, I hope that the “CyClean Movement” will spread to all over the world.”

You can read the article in Korean at this link:

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