Benefits of Online Schooling

With the ongoing economic crisis, there are several reasons besides economic ones to adopt online home schooling and distance education as alternatives for imparting education. With flexibility and convenience being the obvious reasons, studying in an online environment certainly offers additional advantages. For starters, being able to access your course material from practically any place is one of the great benefits of online K-12 courses. Students also have access to an online interactive platform that’s designed to facilitate communication between students and their peers as well as between students and their teachers. Parents also have access to this platform if they wish to interact with their child’s teachers and to monitor their child’s progress as well. In a world with rapidly changing technology, we need to learn to adapt to new-age methods for the benefit of our children.

When comparing cutting-edge technology with old school methods, one obvious factor that stands out is the costs involved. Distance education systems are much more cost-effective than traditional classrooms in terms of setting up and maintaining them. In addition to the upfront costs, running costs involved in managing traditional schooling systems too, can be a huge burden on a school’s management, especially when federal and state grants start to dwindle, as has been the case in the recent years. Hosting online K-12 courses is a lot easier and given the low technology costs, way more economical from every aspect. This seems to be one of the key factors affecting decisions currently being taken to modernize our current education system. Providing access to every child is a priority and getting there will certainly require the adoption of new technology.

Other factors too, contribute toward this step. There are ones that usually warrant lesser attention such as the printing costs of course material, and the distribution costs associated with them. On the contrary, online learning systems incur minimal costs for setup and running costs are virtually negligible when compared to those associated with traditional systems. Furthermore, replicating course material online is not as tedious as printing course material and can be done fairly easily with very low distribution costs. The teacher-student ratio is another concern most parents share when considering the efficiency of the current education system. When compared with the results evidenced by online education systems, traditional ones certainly seem to be falling short of expectations.

Online home schooling involves the use of web-enabled learning platforms that allow for student-teacher interaction on a more efficient basis. In addition to offering both parties the flexibility to schedule interactions, students are assured of more personal attention that caters to their specific individual needs rather than vying for the teacher’s attention in a traditional setting. After all, how much can one teacher afford to do when given a class filled with students with different learning aptitude? It does seem a little unreasonable to expect the teacher to be in a position to devote personalized attention to every student in the class. Online learning platforms do away with this limitation. Not only are teachers in a much better position to interact with their students but they can do so in a much more efficient manner than ever before.

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