9 Positive Affirmations to tell yourself everyday

That’s right! You are your own best friend, teacher, confidant, and by far, your worst enemy. It is important you treat yourself with kindness, no matter what. We can be cynical, judgmental and downright mean to ourselves. Take a moment and think of how different you would feel and perceive the world if you were kind to yourself!? If you started to treat yourself with the same dignity and respect you provide your family and friends, think of the profound marvelous affect that would have on your overall being. So let’s begin with these 9 positive affirmations to tell yourself everyday and blaze your trail towards a better you:

I love myself

Start here. Love yourself, forgive yourself and accept yourself. I’m sure you can come up with many reasons why you don’t love yourself. Well, throw them out the window, write them on a piece of paper and burn these self-loathing hindrances. Tell yourself all the reasons why you love yourself.

I’m in charge of my happiness

Truth. Happiness is your own. The thoughts in your head directly affect the way you perceive the world, interact with others and treat yourself. If you desire to be happy, just be happy. I’m serious. Let it go. Happiness is something you are capable of creating. Create and craft your version of happiness every chance you have.

Kindness is wondrous

Be kind to yourself, to others and to the universe. When you act with kindness it becomes contagious. It is never too kind to open a door for a stranger or to let a friend know you think they’re great. Kindness has a mirroring affect, if you’re kind, most likely others will gift you with their own kindness.

I am resilient and flexible

You are strong and malleable. You are stronger than you give yourself credit for. You are malleable and adaptable to whatever is thrown your way. When the going gets tough, you get tough. When you need to be flexible to accommodate an instant life change, you become malleable and adapt accordingly. Don’t forget all the times you already have been resilient and flexible.

I am grateful

Well are you? If not, cultivate an attitude of gratitude. You have so much to be grateful for. Eyes to read this article, a mind to think freely, family, friends, free will… Expressing gratitude affords you the opportunity to cherish all that you have been gifted.

I believe in my dreams

Get your starry gaze back on! If you dream it, then do it. If it’s something you can’t stop thinking about, then it’s something you shouldn’t stop thinking about! Period! Your dreams are not silly, they are not unreasonable, they are your dreams. Own them, feel them and make them a reality.

I am unapologetically me

Sorry not sorry. Be confident in yourself and rock it. We all have a unique spirit about us and there is no reason to apologize when you are your authentic self. Being your unapologetic self is to hold yourself accountable to your values and your non-negotiable needs. No need to apologize sweetheart.

I’m doing my best

Royal flush, one pair or bust? No matter the hand you were dealt, you are doing your best even if you don’t realize it. Think of others who may not have faired the way you have with the cards you were dealt, think of all the times you surprised yourself with your inner strength. Trust your heart to know you are doing your best right now.

My quirks are dazzling

Shine on. Think of the time you were out to dinner or at movie and heard a laugh that was unique and made you snicker by the very sound of it. Well wouldn’t it be silly if that person with the unique, quirky laugh just stopped laughing? Sure it would. You’re quirks are unique; let them dazzle your spirit.

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Originally published at www.foreverbemoved.com on February 17, 2016.

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