Music Saves Lives

“Music Saves Lives”

Have you heard this before, if not, you’re in for a treat! If so, let me reaffirm why it is essential for the soul to incorporate daily bouts of music to your routine.

Let’s start off on a personal front of how Music Saves Lives. Have you ever been down in the dumps, stressed to high hell and in need of an outlet for means of getting rid of negative energy? Have you cranked up the radio when you’re happy and belted out in song? Both ends of human emotion (happy to sad) require an outlet, and music can provide this. Next time you hear a song that makes you tap your feet, get up and dance. I dare you. Next time you feel let down, or blue, put on a song that will allow you to express these feelings, and then couple it with a positive song afterwards. Get the emotion out and then lively up your soul. Use music as a tool to invigorate your soul. Let the music move through you.

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. — Bob Marley

Another way Music Saves Lives is by providing a desire to perhaps, play an instrument, to let the music flow out of your body. I myself grew up playing the violin, it wasn’t forced on me, but instead I approached my parents and requested that an opportunity to pursue the path of becoming the best violinist I could be. Well I was given that opportunity, and I am very, very blessed for the same. My inherent desire to learn the violin wasn’t something that was taught, but was alive in me as a young child and something I encourage everyone to do: Cherish your desires and act upon them. But, back to my musical experience, my time spent with my instrument gave me discipline, a creative outlet, an opportunity for self-expression, and leadership opportunities. It kept me focused in my early teenage years, when my peers would engage in debauchery and disobedience. My violin gave me an outlet to stay rooted to my passions and to combat peer pressure. My instrument and skill set acquired gave me confidence. I may not be the best violinist, and that’s okay! The work I put into my instrument, my craft like life, is the result I received. I can be as good as I want to be. As of this writing, I don’t play my violin often, and I should, but I’ve pursued other musical endeavors such as the guitar. The guitar provides me with a new set of challenges, but the underlying philosophy when learning and mastering a craft, is that it requires persistence, commitment and the inherent desire to strive to your full potential.

Now, if you’re someone who firmly believes they are not musically capable, you might be discouraged from the above excerpt. But fear not! The pursuit of self-growth through music is not just contained in the ability to play an instrument, the great thing about music, is that ANYONE can partake and reap the benefits. For example, you can use music and the energy that it accompanies by means of dance, song, laying on the floor in your home and closing your eyes to experience the sound, and so on. Music is limitless. It touches everyone in a unique way. You can become more involved in music by studying it, exploring certain genres that are new to you, going to concerts, etc. Music and the opportunities it provides for self-exploration are immeasurable. (Tell me: How do you use music as a tool in your life?)

I may not be able to explain, but I’ll find a song that can.

Lastly, Music Saves Lives by the simple fact that it has the ability to bring people together despite race, creed, political affiliations and so on. Music can and does create community. It humbles the soul and allows people to gather for one common thing: To experience the energy of the sounds being directed at them. It can unite us for a moment or longer, we can set aside our differences, and enjoy the experience and raw emotion music offers. It can and does provide a reminder of what it is to be human.

Let me breakdown a few benefits of music:

  • It relieves stress! Music provides a means for creative release.
  • It can motivate you (In the gym, at the office, at home…)
  • Music unites people. It helps create and strengthen communities.
  • It can be seen as a resource for human connection. Think: new friends!
  • Music provides a creative outlet (lie down on the floor and crank up the tunes!)

The next chance you have to crank up your stereo, do so. Pick a song, an album that is reflective of your state of mind and experience your emotions. See where they take you.

“Music gets you through hard times, helps heal your heart, is always there on your good days and never leaves you on your bad days”.

Originally published at on November 29, 2015.