Warm my soul

January 9, 2016, I’m having the first fire in the wood burning stove that occupies my living room. It’s been a mild winter so far, and as such, a fire has not been warranted until this evening. As of this writing, it is a bone chilling negative 2 out with temperatures to only plunge further into the paralyzing arctic range. But in January, in Minnesota, this is to be expected. It is time to warm my soul.

I actually welcomed the bone chilling temperatures today. With the cold, I had a valid reason not to run outdoors with my running group, at sunrise mind you, (I’m also a firm advocate of staying warm), but the frigid temperatures provided me with a valid reason to have the winters first fire.

As I gaze into the fire, that is now roaring and crackling, I’m overcome with a sense of clarity. My body warm and nourished, my soul overcome with peace, and my mind is completely free of worry. The fire brings a sense of calm, a calm I cannot deny, nor do I want to. A calm that makes me ponder philosophical queries, and question my daily obligations. But nonetheless, the fire is healing me.

I sit side by side with my dog, letting the heat of the stove pour over our faces. The intensity of the heat requires frequent shifts in position, as becomes too much to bear. But we enjoy it and welcome it. The constant shift of finding a comfortable spot in front of the fire is my way of dancing with the flames. As the flames flicker log to log, I too must answer back by moving side to side to absorb or deflect the penetrating heat pouring out of the stove. And this is all I am thinking about.

How often do you take time to just be? To be without worry? To be without pressure of having to get “something” done? How often do we have these moments, which nourish the soul and clear the mind? Not often enough.

Whatever is good for your soul, do that.

It is tonight’s fire that is lighting my soul. Tonight’s fire will warm my soul. The fire isn’t electrifying my soul with a jolt of energy which requires immediate action; instead, the fire that has been ignited is in the name of peace. It is what is calming me and emptying my mind of stress.

I’m sure I’ll be stoking the fire throughout the evening, even waking in the middle of night to keep the flames dancing, and hoping when I rise the next morning, the flame continues burn. I will begin again the next morning with my flame from the night before. This flame will provide me with a sea of calm, a tide of clarity and a wave of peaceful serenity. I encourage you to do whatever it is that is good for your soul, and I hope you cherish every second you have with it.

As always,

Be Moved.

Originally published at www.foreverbemoved.com on January 10, 2016.

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