“Imagine if men were disgusted with rape as they are with periods”.

Each time I read about rape, it breaks my heart so loudly and leaves me deaf to softer words. Once, I was trying to figure out why people rape. Why should a man who cannot stand something as harmless as menstrual blood, commit an act as harmful as rape? You might choose to ignore the law on rape, but here’s the whole truth, we’ll never leave this world alive, Being a rapist won’t make you leave alive either.

Perhaps our eyes needs to be washed by our tears once in awhile, so that we can see life with a clearer view once again. Maybe it’s time we opened our eyes to the things we’ve been ignoring, the things that are calling out for help, it’s a shame that we ignore something as big as rape. How long will we fold our hands and watch perpetrators of rape go unpunished?

How come we always question what the offender wore and never questioned what the perpetrator wore? Rapist don’t rape outfits, they rape girls. If a rapist is attracted to a girl because of her outfit, then he should rape the outfit and not the girl. I will not let anyone walk through my mind with dirty feet, trying to give me dead reasons why evil should be encouraged or promoted. Rape is not just the most serious kind of sexual assault, it is evil.

It’s so bad that our society subscribes to myths and stereotypes about rape, they lay blames or responsibility on the door of the victim by suggesting that her behaviour somehow led to rape instead of blaming the perpetrator for committing such a barbaric act. They would rather leave a stigma on the victims than the perpetrators. Rapist should be tagged with a stigma, something that will make them feel ashamed of being in their own skin, there should be a sign on their doors announcing to the world that they’re rapist. If a victim can be stigmatized, why can’t the perpetrator?

I once read in the newspaper (according to NAN report), a case study in one of the states in Nigeria, it was discovered that rapist were taking undue advantage of deaf girls and that most of the perpetrators are their fathers and other close relatives. Why? I asked myself. Why take advantage of people’s inability? It doesn’t matter the relationship between the victims and the perpetrators, rape is rape and rapist shouldn’t be left unpunished.

When talking about consent, I once told a friend. If it’s obtained under undue influence, then it’s not consent. If you scare me so much that I give my consent to a thing out of fear, then it’s not consent. Consent should be voluntary. Twist it however you want it, rape is rape. It is evil to leave a girl with a lifetime trauma because of a 5minute pleasure.

I am not the number one girl on the scale of those against rape, or the one on your measuring tape either. I am a girl who feels the pain of other girls. I am not writing this because I am weak, but because I am human and I weep with emotions. I am human, you are human too. It doesn’t matter where we came from, our diversity in culture or languages, the colour of our skin, religion, gender or political parties and views. Together we can choose love over evil, together we can fight rape. SAY NO TO RAPE!

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