A Short Squatting Story

“I felt a nervous sensation as I realized how much weight was on the bar, as I overcame the fear, lifted the bar from the rack and took a few small steps back I caught some glances in the mirror from around the gym and felt the doubters stares. Feeding off the negative vibes I looked in the mirror and saw what looked like the bar bending over my traps although it was actually resting comfortably on my rear delts. I took a deep breath and with a comfortable wide stance to keep the weight on my hips I squatted just past 90 degrees. As I pressed into the floor I imagined the concrete cracking around my feet and with a muffled roar I straightened my legs and put the bar back on the rack with a satisfaction that was matched only by the brutal sound of the metal 20kg plates clanging together a moment ago.”


Originally published at www.foreverlivinghut.com.