Seeking Wisdom?

2 Chron 9:1–28

Who doesn’t want to be wise? If we could choose, we would all pick being wise over being dumb or foolish.

But have you ever heard of someone being so wise that people travelled from across the world to come and listen to them speak?

This is exactly what happened with King Solomon of ancient Israel, the son of the famous King David. Foreign dignitaries and rulers travelled and brought great gifts just to sit near him and hear his wisdom.

Jesus speaks to hearers in his day, saying that those who heard Solomon would condemn Jesus’ generation because they did not seek his wisdom even more than that of Solomon. “Something greater than Solomon is here,” Jesus said.

If we will listen to Jesus and submit ourselves to his teaching, we can be empowered by his spirit to live lives of wisdom which bring us great joy and draw others closer to him.