Fast and easy assembly of multi-stage centrifugal pump

Multistage centrifugal pumps should be placed as far as possible in a well ventilated place to facilitate rapid cooling and reduce motor temperature. Otherwise, run for a long time, easy to burn the motor.
 If the use of multi-stage centrifugal pump, because did not remove the plastic film covered in the motor, causing the motor overheating, burn the coil. In addition, before starting, be sure to check the water inside the pump, otherwise, not only affect the self-priming performance, and easy to burn the shaft seal parts. Under normal circumstances, multi-stage centrifugal pump starts after 3 to 5 minutes that should be out of water, or should immediately stop inspection.
 When the multi-stage centrifugal pump once a failure, avoid their own hands. Because of their own demolition, I do not know where the fault caused by blindly split a pass; Second, no special tools and often damage the original good parts. The best way is to have experienced, large-scale maintenance point repair, and timely replacement of “overage” parts and some wearing parts. Under normal circumstances, multi-stage centrifugal pump should be repaired once every six months, put an end to “sick” work.


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