Smoking and fuel injection problems of submersible pump

In the course of operation, if operate improperly, submersible pump is often faulty. Such as submersible pump vacuum drop, fuel injection, smoke, oil spills and other phenomena, if your equipment has such a situation, please do not worry, we help you analyze the relevant knowledge and reasons.
 1.Smoking, it is normal if the submersible pump begain to run and smoke. But it is abnormal if smoke for a long time.
 Solution: smoking shows that submersible pump inlet has repairation situation, including the pipeline, valves, containers. After the leak, the smoke will end.
 2.Fuel injection, it means there is a large number of leaks outside the intake, or even the atmosphere exposed.
 Solution: Seal the submersible pump inlet to make it operate, if not spray, then there is a leak; check if the exhaust valve is damaged, replace the bad exhaust valve.


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