Submersible pump: water pump vibration and noise control

1.Should use low noise water pump.

2.The pump unit should be set vibration device, the base should be installed under the rubber vibration pad, rubber vibration isolator, rubber shock absorber, spring shock absorber and so on. Refer to “Water Pump Vibration Isolation and Installation Atlas” SS657.3. In the water pump suction pipe and outlet pipe, should be set vibration device, such as flexible rubber joints.

4.Pipe stents and pipes through the wall, wear floor, should take anti-solid sound measures, such as the pump room with flexible hanger, elastic bracket or in the wall through the pipe and hole between the glass fiber.

5.If necessary, can be taken on the building sound insulation and sound absorption measures, such as the pump room with double glass doors and windows, walls, ceiling installation of porous sound-absorbing panels.

6.The basis of vibration isolation, pipe vibration isolation and vibration isolation vibration isolation area of the number of layers, the number and number of flexible joints must be calculated.

7.Fire special pump.


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