Vibration Analysis of Centrifugal Pump

  1. The centrifugal pump rotor unbalance and misalignment. This problem centrifugal pump vibration problems in a larger proportion, about 80 per cent. Centrifugal rotor unbalance factors: material to prevent uneven parts substandard, resulting in mass of the rotor shaft centerline do not coincide with the center line of eccentricity according unbalanced formation. Centrifugal pump rotor unbalance correction can be divided into two. Static and Dynamic Balancing: balance and generally referred to as single-sided double-sided balance. The difference is this: on one side is balanced by correcting the balance in a positive school, while the balance is in two-sided surface correction correction.
  1. Install Reason: loose foundation bolts, level of school transfer is not adjusted before the centrifugal work, to check its foundation bolts are loose phenomenon, as well as the installation of a centrifugal pump is horizontal. These conditions can also cause the occurrence of centrifugal vibration at work.
  2. Aforeign body in the centrifugal pump. Before centrifugal pump, the internal pump to check the next, due to the long-term use, there may be some weeds such as water and other foreign matter inside the centrifugal pump.
  3. Due to prolonged use of centrifugal pump cavitation caused by perforation.
  4. The presence of the unreasonable design , such as part sizes and other issues. However, this situation is relatively small. Centrifugal pump at the factory, in the workshop will be multiple internal testing work to ensure that the passing rate of the factory Centrifugal Pump.


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