Are you someone who loves to learn about the latest in books? Gary Dayton Have reviewed one of the latest recommended books just for you. The book teaches you all about how to trade mindfully. His findings about this book will blow your mind Learn all about how to trade mindfully and start trading right away Get a head start on your literature goals this season

Key Takeaways:

  • Gary is a doctor of psychology, a trading psychology mentor, and a trader specializing in Wyckoff method and VSA in S&P futures and equities.
  • the author uses mostly futures and stock markets in examples throughout the book
  • The whole book is based on the concept of mindfulness. It is a way of focusing one’s mind and attention on the present state of some activity

“If you are struggling with some common psychological problems associated with trading — like the fear of loss or predisposition to oversize your trades — this book will offer definite steps to overcome them and become a better trader.”

Originally published at Book Review: Trade Mindfully by Gary Dayton