Where are You seeing The Forex Market in the Coming Decades

Truly I do see that trading was, and always have been a free state of mind. Certainly like most things that are free, are at some point in time segregated off to being private, and cut off from the public. I do feel that the production of bitcoin has a profound effect on how the trading world will be changed in the future.

Many have always decided to create a instrument that is created to involve the most precious of peoples values, like the motivation power behind money. I see that to find another method, weather life as we know it continues with working societies. What that means is if something breaks down, say if war or natural disaster, then core values such as elements like money if not even electricity will be present, but at a dwindling measure. Over time we find less and less of the motor to catch core values by created motivation, as paper in value, and it will blatantly be changed into, if not group leaders were to again having this right over a group of people, it may change into a region of land that is only available, and considered a refuge, and a precious resource at the same time. Change has come this way throughout history before.

If we do have free reign to continue trading for retail traders, it most likely will conceal it’s self by big business manipulation, and then being grouped with business contracts that have the option to be invested in by the public to create a desired systematic response in the market for a quantified result, or invested outcome. All trading will be equated to a fixed value system, and it will be just like a growth to create a full bitcoin. all trading will be to equal a value to exchange, for the right to trade at higher levels. that different is what seems to be happening at a slow, but progressing rate during the now current times.

But there is one catch instead of trading your margin and wealth to trade, your only way to trade will be by your right, and opportunity to get in a circumstance to get chosen to trade. Trading will become like the lottery. If you get that chance then you will be able to have the chance to binary, or sell high buy low, and what every system is in place. This is how even in disaster the elite will have everything still in subjugated, so that at all times they will be able to never be found out by the people. One way this is known is that money is printed. so it is not what powerful people find valuable. Another is by the desire to want in the poor, is stronger than the the desire to act in the poor, but is the other way around in the powerful. The creators of the Forex game are knowing it is a game to control the flow of many things.

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Armand Wilson

Armand O Wilson grew up in St. Missouri where He learned many worldly skills about life. Forex Trader and MT4 Programmer visit: www.forexlearningsite.com