If you are reading this lesson then the chances are you are ready to learn how to trade price action. It is also highly likely you want to know how you can finally stop making the same mistakes and start making some profits.

This article will cover what you can start doing right now to improve your trading. It will also bust some myths and let you know how a professional trader actually goes about collecting pips from the market.

Trade and Act like a Professional Trader

If you want to start making money like a professional you have to start acting and thinking like a professional!

The plethora of amateur mistakes you have been making that have been constantly costing your account, professionals don’t make. …

How to Create a Winning Price Action Trading Edge

Having a winning edge over the market is crucial to all traders long-term success.

Without an edge, all traders would be found out by the market eventually. Everyone can get lucky and go on winning streaks and on extended winning streaks. This often tricks people into thinking they are profitable or a good trader when in fact, they are just lucky.

If the trader does not have an edge over the market, eventually they will start to lose and give back all the profits they have made during their winning streak. Because they don’t actually have an edge; eventually overall, the edge is with the market and that edge will play out in favor of the market ensuring that they lose. …

Has fear ever hurt your trading or stopped you from pulling the trigger on a potential trade setup?

Fear is a super interesting emotion and mindset because, unlike a relatively straightforward emotion like greed, fear wears many different hats and can come in different forms.

We know that if we take too many cookies from the cookie jar, then we are being greedy, right?

The Merriam-Webster.com online dictionary describes fear as follows:

  • : to be afraid of (something or someone)

So whilst fear is being afraid of something happening, there are many, many things that we can be afraid of. That is why it’s an interesting and complicated emotion, and why SO MANY people get hung up with their fears. …

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