Pips Alert Signals Review (Trusted)

This is our second Trusted stamp to be given to a Forex Signals provider. We’re going to go over why we trust pipsalert.com, some of the challenges it has and finally our conclusion.

The company itself was founded by traders in the U.S and U.K, but it looks like they have a diverse group of traders from around the world who provide the signals.

Of the back, the one thing that caught our eyes was transparency… This company has been known to accordingly correct any mistakes made on reports,

matter of fact, they have a website dedicated to just that: pipsalertclaims.com

That’s already a major check mark on our box, because too many providers hardly ever do anything or even admin to making mistakes and then changing them.

The company provides a free 2+ hour course that goes over proper management, how to use signals as tools and other awesome resources for traders.

It’s important they provide this, because the clear message they’re sending is.. “Use the signals as tools, don’t just enter them and expect to magically be profiting or driving a LAMBO in months time

This is a similar theme to the other Trusted Forex Signal provider we reviewed recently, check it out: https://medium.com/@forexsignalsreviews/forexsignals-com-review-trusted-71df7220845a

Actual Back-Testing and Analysis of Signals

Pips Alert has a weekly series where they review the various groups and check on their performance. The key part here is, “back-testing”

They enter the signals into Trading View and show actual performance of the signals. This is the first ever Forex Signals company to actually do this. Other than validating the trades, they also share piece of free knowledge on why the signal was sent/analysis.

won’t you look at that, they even corrected from 17 pips to 10 pips…. once again, honest.

Historical Performance of All Trades

They have a nice platform where you can easily back-test the signals yourself before even purchasing them, which is nice. Not a lot of companies actually provide detailed information like this up front.

What do Traders say about them?

Can you be profitable using them?

Yes and No. The company itself tells traders to use the signals as tools, not a punch in and you’re done.

That’s why it’s a yes if you actually practice, follow proper management and all that good stuff 90% of traders don’t want to do.

It’s a no if all you plan on doing is punching in the signals without knowing what’s going on and magically expecting to be driving off in a lambo into the sunset in months time.

Sleeping when the signals come in… Downside for some traders.

This is a down side to the company and other traders have spoken up about it. It’s mostly challenging to traders in the United States, Mexico, Canada and etc. Reason for that is because they provide signals starting the London session and into the NYC session.

We hope in the future they start providing signals more accessible to the people who want to sleep in more or during day light for someone in California.


If you’re looking for a Forex Signals provider where you enter the signals without thinking or doing analysis, then this is not the company for you.

Instead, it’s a good company for traders who want insights on the market to find better setups and in turn improve and enhance performance in the Forex Market.

PipsAlert.com get’s our approval stamp.

They’re honest about telling to you use the signals as tools and not an easy path to riches and lambos.

Want to join them?
Visit: https://www.pipsalert.com/