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Woman writing on a bright orange wall.
Woman writing on a bright orange wall.
Photo: Gabriel Mitchell/EyeEm/Getty Images

We needed all the wisdom we could get to make it through this year. Luckily, we got a ton of it from the writers at Forge, who shared words that inspired us, comforted us, and made our lives better. Though we all might have some version of “coronabrain,” these nuggets of advice have stuck. Here are 20 pieces of wisdom to carry into 2021 and beyond.


Turn doomscrolling into joyscrolling

Blue filtered image of a woman with curly hair looking at her phone with a smile.
Blue filtered image of a woman with curly hair looking at her phone with a smile.
Photo illustration; Image source: Delmaine Donson/Getty Images

At this point, we’re all pros at doomscrolling. The end of the presidential election brought a brief respite, but we could really use a longer break. Or a sabbatical, if we’re being honest.

Let us offer you a digital palate cleanser from the gloom: 25 Instagram accounts that will uplift you, make you laugh, and help you feel a little bit more human. Some of these folks share highly relatable illustrations. Others make you feel like you just walked out of a free therapy session. All will help your social-media feed become a place you actually enjoy spending time in.

As Forge turns one, we look back at the stories that helped us make sense of the last 12 months — and provide a blueprint for your future

Photo: Pradeep Kumar/EyeEm/Getty Images

One year ago, we introduced our new publication, and characterized its world like this:

“Self help” has come a long way, and in its current iteration we talk more about progress, bravery, and mindfulness; doing more, and being more creative. The field has become less gendered, more universal and global, and a whole lot more interesting than it once was.

Here at Forge, we’re all obsessed with the individual’s engagement with the world. What we didn’t know in June 2019 was how crucial that engagement would become. The pandemic, the ongoing fight against racial injustice, and the financial crisis are…

Words to help you make sense of your experience

Photo: Isabel Pavia/Getty Images

So many things have been feeling upside-down lately: Introverts are discovering that they’ve been extroverts all along. Time isn’t working the way it’s supposed to. Everyone is annoying, and your Zoom face doesn’t even look like you.

Over the past couple months, the strangeness of this moment has seeped into every nook and cranny of our daily lives, exposing, among other things, the limits of our language. What do you call it when you’re homesick for someplace far from home? Or when peeling off your sweatpants and pulling on jeans feels like making a major life change? …

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