2017 pricing

Forge & Burrow Photography 
Pricing Sheet

My name is Mallory Eilbracht and to start off 2017, I decided to re-spark my love for photography and dedicate this time to creating my dream career as a photographer. For the pricing sheet, I’ve calculated the prices based, not only on the time it takes me to create these photographs, but also taking into consideration the quality of the images and the work behind it all. I’ve also kept you in mind as the client and making this pricing affordable. Because I have not been actively photographing events for a while, I have decided to start my prices on the lower end and as the year continues, the pricing will increase as my experience grows. Thank you for your consideration in taking me on as your photographer. I look forward to what this year brings and I hope that you will support my business and enjoy watching it grow.

Once I find a good place to team up with for Film Photography, it is definitely going to be an option I will be offering my clients as well. Also, keep your eyes open for model calls! I would love to work on some personal project ideas that I have and am always looking for willing participants!

Wedding Photography: starting at $850 (engagement session included)

Destination Weddings are also available for booking. For the moment, I am only taking in clients as far away as 4 hours from Terre Haute, IN. Anything further away will be taken into careful consideration. Depending on the destination, a fee of anywhere between $50–500 will be added for traveling purposes and expenses.

Lifestyle Photography: starting at $99
This includes anything from portraits, couples, family, and baby sessions.

Travel Photography: Something I would love to pursue. If interested in hiring for any photography related to travel, please email.

Any Inquiries/Questions/Concerns? Feel free to contact me at forgeandburrow@gmail.com. I would love to talk with you personally about any concern in pricing or any sessions you would like to book. Thank you!