It has almost been one whole month since my last post. I promise, I’m trying to get better about this whole blogging thing.

While I’ve been out of my blogging office, there have been many things going on. For those of you who don’t know me personally, I have 3 jobs on top of trying to blog and begin my own photography business. One of my jobs has become very dominant in my life because my family owns the business and on top of taking hours that no one is available to work, I also manage a lot of the documents that the business needs to function properly.

I know that everything I do seems overwhelming.. and trust me.. it is. That being said, these past few weeks have been more demanding of me than usual. My stress level had not only been reached, but had been above and beyond what it should have to be. Not only does work stress me out more than it should, but my emotional sanity peaks as well during my stressful times. Although I manage stress and emotional sanity pretty steadily on the outside, on the inside I feel like I’m going crazy (and let’s face it, I probably am). With everything that had been going on, all I wanted in life was for my boyfriend to be within arms reach of me.. For him to be only a phone call and a drive away.. and instead, he’s 6 hours ahead of me and over 4,000 miles away. All my stress and emotions turned into more emotions and stress. When I would finally have the time to text my boyfriend, it always turned into me complaining about how exhausted I was, how tired I was, how stressed I was, etc.

Instead of him pushing away and deciding not to deal with my problems, he seemed to know all the right things to say. Even though he will probably tell you he didn’t feel like much help, the words he said and how he said them was just what I needed to hear. He addressed his concern and while it took me awhile to get out of this funk I was in, I listened and his words continue to resonate with me.

On Sunday, after Skyping with Maik, I decided to buy myself the new Fitbit Charge 2 and although it was more than I was hoping to spend, it will hopefully provide me with a little more sanity to my days. I want to become healthier and although most Fitbits are bought by those who work out to gain muscle and/or lose weight and/or count their steps, I bought mine to help regulate my sleep and guide me through breathing sessions when I get overwhelmed. The work out bit might come in handy later down the road if I could ever convince myself that I enjoy jogging in the slightest and have the time to do it. But for now, it’ll help me with mental clarity throughout my stressful days. It should be delivered sometime this week, so once it’s been used I can update everyone on how well it works with unwinding.

Enough about my stressful weeks and let’s talk about the things I did end up accomplishing aside from being able to breathe and shower daily.

This year, I have 3 full sessions booked so far. This is great because it’s giving me the experience I need, but also isn’t overwhelming with my already overwhelming schedule. Out of the 3 sessions booked, I have two that are Engagement/Wedding Sessions and one Maternity Session. On top of my accomplishment of having these sessions booked, I finally have my Facebook Business page up and somewhat running and I have also created a website for my photography as well.

For those who want to check them out; You can find me and like my Facebook Page here:

and my webpage link is provided here:

I have been attending free webinars to further my knowledge in photography techniques and I hope to continue utilizing these through my photography career. I am still and always taking on more photography sessions, so if anyone would like to book, you can either shoot me an email, or contact me from my webpage which I believe sends me an email as well.

**Please do not feel as though you are adding to my already busy schedule.**

I very much want to take your photos and gain the experience. Building up this business is something I’m serious about and I will always make the time to put my effort towards your sessions.

Contact me with any questions or concerns about booking a session.

27; Midwest Photographer, Blogger.