forgivenet® quick start guide

Crypto token rewards running on forgiveness.

Read the whitepaper.

Lion and lamb, it’s time.

There is only one true currency between human beings.

forgivenet® is the start of something new. The first whispers of a global currency of love based on forgiveness.

Request forgiveness from those you’ve wronged and receive an FRGVN token in return.

How can I receive an FRGVN crypto token?

  1. Open in Chrome.
forgivenet® in Chrome browser.

2. Connect to the forgivenet® dApp on the Main Ethereum Network with MetaMask.

Connecting to the forgivenet® dApp.

You should have an account in MetaMask with a small amount of ETH in the balance.

MetaMask account info.

If you haven’t yet set up MetaMask, follow the instructions here.

I use Coinbase to send ETH to my Ethereum accounts. Find out how to do that here.

3. Now you’re ready to go.

  • Enter your forgiveness request into the text box.
  • Add your donation figure, make sure it is more than the minimum mentioned.
  • Click Send Request.
Requesting forgiveness on the Ethereum blockchain.

4. MetaMask will ask you to confirm you want to write to the Ethereum blockchain.

  • If you’re happy, click Confirm.
Confirm transaction with MetaMask.

You will see your transaction in a PENDING state.

Ethereum transaction in a PENDING state.

5. The transaction will move into a CONFIRMED state.

  • Open the transaction details.
  • Click the arrow to open the Ethereum blockchain confirmation.
MetaMask confirms transaction.

6. Success, your request for forgiveness has been written to the Ethereum blockchain and will be on there forever.

Also, you can see that 1 FRGVN token has been transferred to your account.

Ethereum transaction success details.

7. Confirm you have received your FRGVN token. There are a number of ways to do this. We’ll show you one of them.

  • Head over to the FRGVN token contract code on Etherscan.

  • Click Read Contract.
FRGVN token contract.
  • Scroll down to the balanceOf method.
balanceOf method of FRGVN token contract.
  • Input your Ethereum address and click Query.

Oh look, this user has made two requests for forgiveness through the dApp and now owns 2 FRGVN.

How many FRGVN tokens do I own?

AI applications of forgivenet®

When the blockchain is full of forgiveness requests, forgivenet® will release its AI application that matches forgiveness requests to those wronged. Whenever a forgiveness request is accepted, both requester and accepter will receive more hefty FRGVN token rewards.

Remember: your FRGVN token worth nothing today could one day be worth $18000.

Evolving the tech paradigm

We believe that crypto-currency is the future and should not be left in the hands of irresponsible greed.

forgivenet® will support research and development into sustainable and fully inclusive crypto economies built on forgiveness. We are also thinking about research and development into fairness algorithms and reversing forever the profit for the few above all other considerations fallacy.

Specifically, now, we will build on our forgiveness request mining protocol with the view to developing our own, eglitarian, peer-to-peer blockchain database and offering everyone in the world the chance to benefit from the power of humility.

The FRGVN token is a crypto currency that maps to true human value.

Use forgivenet® today. Alleviate some burden. Discover the wonders of humility and our one true currency: Love.

evolving the tech paradigm