Birth Control is the Devil

Let me just start by saying, I hate birth control. Yes your heard that right. I hate every single detail of the mess due to how it makes me feel. Also I’ve had every birth control imaginable almost, so my facts and experience come from a wide bases. I feel like birth control was equipt to make us women crazy, or at least my friends and have had to same issues that I’ve have had and wanted to know if others felt like us as well.

Welp let’s jump right in. I started taking birth control in high school, at first it was for control of my terrible menstrual cycle. I was down for take anything that was going to stop these horrible cramps and rancid bleeding that was taking place every month. Gross I know, but not everyone has a beautiful period story that takes place in those pads commercials on tv. Well at least not me. So birth control was looking pretty darn good. O and it was make sure I didn’t get pregnant.

At the beginning I took the pill. I had no clue what the name was so we are going to call it, “Beginning Hell.” You read that right it was the beginning of whirlpool of different effects I’d began to experience. Now every medicine has its side effects. You know like, upset stomach, mood swings, hair lose, weight gain, and acne. Yep you guessed it. I had gotten every last one of them. Well not all at once but I did. First I started getting chucky. Then I started having terrible mood swings and ugly acne.

I went back to the doctor and they let me know that this was normal, but to me it was the beginning of hell. Nobody would want to be friends with the girl who was once pretty but got fat and got major acne on top of that cried all the time. Ummm that was a no go for me. So like any other 16 year old girl who was having mood swings I paniced. That must have sent a message to my doctor because, she immediately changed me to a different pill. Now let say this pill new pill worked for a year then I was back in the same boat.

I had heard my friends talking about Depo (Depe Provera Shot) and how it wasn’t as bad as the pill and they stopped having periods all together. That was right up my alley, since I had heavy periods anyway. I talked to my doc and hopped right on board and o boy I thought I was in heaven. I thought I was finally hit the jockpot. This lasted for a couple years but my second year in college I decided to take a break from birth control. A year into that I got pregnant with my son and I knew I was getting back on birth control once I done giving birth. Labor wasn’t for me so I being 21 thought yep one child is enough for me.

I wanted to trying something different from Depo because this time around I blew up and the weight was not coming off. Yeah I had to, post baby gave me not chose. So like every birth controled woman going through the post baby fat blues. I jumped right on board with the next best thing for woman in my situation. The damn IUD was calling my name. From what I had heard and read, it was everything I needed to get off of this mess of a birth control that was already driving me crazy.

So I got the IUD and only had it for 8 months because once my period came I had a period for three months. Yes. I did. I thought I was dying for sure. Plus when the doctor says be careful with sex, that cleary meant no fun during sex at all, because my IUD was kindly shifted during an intense night of sex.

Now by this time I’m about 23 years old age and loosing my mind from all the different birth controls I’ve been using. You bet your bottom dollar, I got that IUD removed and was trying the Nexplanon. You know the one that went in your arm. I finally thought I had found the right one. I knew all about the sporadic bleeding and was cool with that. As long as I wasn’t bleeding for three months I was straight.

Now here I am thinking that my birth control problems are finally done. Sike your mind is what my body said four months into the Nexplanon journey. You guessed my body was going so crazy. I was having a period every two weeks and emotionally I was fried. I cried and got extra body hair so I had to shave more often than I wanted to. This was terrible.

How could I enjoys the joys of birth control when I had every side effect known to woman and my emotions were wall to wall. I really thought I was capable of some really outlandish type of behavior by this point. I stuck it out for one year. In that one year it was like cruising the mind of crazy from all the different emotions I was feeling. No way in hell anyone wanted to be around me. The way my attitude was set up, it took nothing for me to either flip out and or cry. Hahaha. I laugh now but back then I was really frustrated with the way things took place.

I was not in control and that was not a good feeling. So I got off Nexplanon removed and got right back on birth control pills. Yeah. My emotions were all over but there was no way in hell I was having another baby. My doctor wanted me to try a pill that was supposedly low hormones, and it worked at first. I was smooth sailing. No acne, no weight gain. No weight loss. No Nothing.

Yes we have a winner, we have a winner. My battle with birth control has finally come to an end. Until eight months in the cycle of emotions came full blown. So this time, I did what any fed up woman I in my shoes would do. I got off birth control completely and decided to take a break. That last for almost two years. Recently I decided to try again and what do you the same stuff started to happened.

I figured this one out without any doctor. My body can not handle birth control. I’ve tried and failed. So now I rely on safe sex and prayers or no sex at all. I’m good with that.

Men you never know what us women go through to protect not only us but y’all as well from kids. The various emotional/body changes we experience should show you what we endure. When I meet women who experience the same things I did. I always tell them they are not alone. I hope this blog reaches other women who experience the same as I had. If you still choose to take birth control rock on. My body isn’t built for it.