How I built and what I have done last 4 months living alone

Four months ago, I decided to move out of my parents’ apartment and focus on starting my own business. I graduated as a software engineer this year and have always wanted to start an internet business. I have so many unfinished projects and said to myself “screw this” and decided to move out and committed myself to finish the projects I had had in my mind. At that time I was working as a remote developer at a startup based in US and earning pretty good money. So I had enough money to support myself for 5 or 6 months if I was economical.

Well, to say honestly, I played harder than actually working for first and a half month. To my defense, It was summer and there were plenty of fun stuffs going around in my city. So this is what happens when a young person is on his own and has some cash of his own to spend. After coming to my senses, I started to work on my own projects more hours. All my friends, at that time, were working full-time jobs. So I was literally coding all alone and it started to become pretty hard to motivate myself. Freelancers who live alone will understand this problem. I tried to find a partner through startup weekend events but had no luck finding anyone good enough. So I found someone on Reddit to work together, but he just disappeared after a week. Then I decided to grit my teeth and finish them one by one.

At the point of going crazy from not going out and coding all day, I met an amazing girl. She motivated me to continue. So in brief 4 months of living alone, I’ve experienced so many things. It felt like I haven’t been living until that point. I felt so “alive”. After first 3 months, I stopped going to gym and lost almost 20 lbs and went broke. I’ve managed to read few business books and almost finished 3 projects. Today one of them is ready to go online and I’m on the verge of getting kicked out of my apartment, because I haven’t paid my rent for few weeks. It’s like gambling with my own life and the stake is everything. Now I exercise at home (since I have no money for a gym membership); found nutritious yet very cheap foods; made a habit of reading book everyday; found my own productive way of working; also quit smoking.

This is a life I’ve lived for last 4 months. And I’m on the verge of kicking out of my apartment and launching my first project. One thing I’m certain is that if I get my first customer, I’ll go out and buy a champagne which would make me broke literally :)

(This is what my workstation looks like. I’ve sold my Macbook Pro but kept my wireless keyboard :P)

So that’s how is born.