Whether you’re an ICO representative, an advisor, or just a crypto-enthusiast,you probably already know this: One of the best ways to find new useful contacts, investors, and even employees is by attending blockchain and ICO-conferences.

Today’s ICO community is extensive,and events like these are held almost every day all across the globe. They range from small meetups all the way to substantial business conferences with thousands of attendees.

Top 5 Worth-Attending Crypto Events of Autumn 2018

  1. Blockchain Innovation & Investment Summit

24th September 2018. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

BIISUMMIT is the largest Blockchain Investment Event in the Middle East. It…

The ICO market is now offering projects for any case and industry. There are blockchain solutions for marketing, health & care, finance & banking, and startups that assist the event industry, education, and many other businesses all across the market.

We decided to make a list of the most ‘unusual’ ICOs that are also done in the blockchain industry. So here’s our list of 5 Unusual ICO projects of 2018.

  1. GoEureka

GoEureka is a travel tech company that utilizes blockchain technology to build hotel booking platforms.The founders offer their GoEureka App to make fast, safe, and commission-freebookings in hotels across…

2017 was year of the ICO: $3.7 billion were raised through ICO-campaigns. Amazing, right?

But did you know that almost 60% of the projects failed to raise their targeted funds? Even as people are rushing to invest, the token distribution market has becoming increasingly challenging, with hundreds of projects vying for attention.

The difference between successful and failed ICOs usually is effective or ineffective marketing. Planning a strategy to market your ICO-project from the beginning is absolutely essential, probably more important than the actual product itself. …

As long as our company specializes on ICO market, we would like to share our vision about ICO-project in near future.

In 2017, the total amount of funds equaled more than $6 billion (the funds collected through 382 ICOs were taken into account). During the fourth quarter of 2017 the amount of funds collected via ICOs exceeded $3.1 billion. This amount includes the results of the 196 most successful completed ICOs, with the largest amount collected equaling approximately $258 million (Hdac ICO). The average amount of funds collected per project was $16 million. …

Analytical group Smith + Crown claims that in 2017 number of ICOs almost doubled compared to 2016 (from 1.5 accommodation per week to 2.75). At the same time, the volume of attracted funds is growing significantly: hundreds of projects are attracting from several hundred thousand to several million dollars.

In the financial sector contributors want to understand the prospects of their investments. A variety of ICO rating agencies (Digrate, ICOrating, ICObench) with their methods of evaluating projects can help them to make right decision.

In this review we want to introduce you 8 most popular ICO-rating platforms for today:

  1. ICO…

It finally happens! ForICO platform which creates a unique source of information about ICO market has started to work.

We are going to introduce to you all the aspects of our platform and website. First of all, we should say some words about the main part of our everyday work — ICOs. If you are an ICO-project, we can offer you customized information about the market.

In fact, our ICO section creates a unique point of access to the whole ICO market with the name of the ICO, start/end date and hour, specially developed by ForICO experts and rating of…

To say that ICO became a buzz word in 2017 is to say nothing. The market is undergoing a rapid growth. More and more companies conduct their ICOs, collecting the amounts of money virtually on par with big-time IPOs. This development is causing the demand for ICO campaigns to rise exponentially.

This is why the stabilisation of the ICO market should be the top priority for any of the industry’s many companies. This can be accomplished by increasing the quality and the quantity of the market players. What can be expected in 2018? …


A single point of access to ICO Market

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