The problem is that what is a reliable news source is just as subjective as what is reliable news.
Becky Priebe

Becky, i agree with ‘everyone has a bias’ — and we shouldn’t be too bothered by that. obviously, the point of Casper article is to point out the complexities of ‘reporting’ and i think she does a good job. i would add, that in wanting ‘objective’, we may end up with amoral. (i would submit that the bigger political problem we have is amorality, not immorality. it is truly the definition of ‘which way does the wind blow — that’s how choice is made’.) so, i expect bias — when Christiane Amanpour tells me something about war, i know her bias is based on her years of watching war. i know she has an opinion of war, but it doesn’t prevent her from reporting the facts of a situation. i’m kind of thinking you meant this too?

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