We Have Forgotten Our State Capitals and City Halls
Leslie Loftis

Great advise! I lament the day when our local newspaper stopped printing. I live in the Capital of the State — and the on-line version is primarily for advertising and crime reports. There is honestly no substitute for having the local ‘news’ placed on your front step everyday. I never fail to be surprised about how little I know about what is happening in my home town — “geez when did they build that?” As to living in the Capital, the local paper had dedicated reporters covering Legislative sessions and year-long committee work. All gone. Now I must go looking for info and sorting sources. I’m not one who likes to be ‘spoon fed’, but I did trust my local newspaper to not over-step their bounds and only use op-ed to express their ‘thoughts’. AND they did a good job of keeping me informed.

The other reason I liked your article is, of course, our current chaos. I also advise to focus locally. The next election cycle ‘starting’ 2019, will determine REDISTRICTING based on 2020 census. Currently 32 states are controlled by Republican Party — if that stays the same, gerrymandered districts that guarantee Republican House and perhaps Senate, will continue until next ‘try’ in 2030. Even millennials will have to turn to their adult children to march in the streets. ‘We’ must also recognize that it takes 34 states to Amend the U.S. Constitution. By then millennials will need their grandchildren to make changes. As much as many of us think Trump is a fool, the amount of damage his ‘team’ and the Republicans in House and Senate can do — on every level of our life — will be in place for a generation or more. Thanks for your writing!

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