Finding Good News
C.J. Casper

I appreciate this. The ‘chart’ is pretty good, and DOES fit with your analysis that things are complicated. In general, this is a reasonable guideline. Yes, everyone will be able to pick it apart, but geez…look where America is in terms of ‘intelligent’ dialogue and information. So — let’s not be too anxious to dis the ‘good’ because it’s not the ‘best’. As an ‘old’ woman, I think the missing analytical piece is education. I don’t need to do much ‘fact checking’ (usually confined to #’s) because I use my analytical skills to think-with as I read. Does this article jibe with general historical political thought? A sound education can enable one to decipher what is ‘good’ reporting and what is propaganda. But, for me this has come from decades of reading history, philosophy, etc. I’m not so sure this is an important ‘education’ anymore… Thank you — your article made me ‘think it over’ and to me that’s always the best kind of reading.