But I learn from play. And it’s fun.
What Has Life Taught You Recently?
James Altucher

This rings so true. I used to think I had a learning disability because of my inefficiency when trying to learn from a lecture or textbook. The skills I’ve really honed over the years — those I feel like I’ve got a grasp on and still enjoy working to improve upon — were all learned on a field of play, on a court, or throughout a lifetime of various games. Trying to recall a Professor’s lecture is a strain, but I can still recall conversations with Coaches from early childhood.

Sidebar — At my first startup, the Sales team played ping-pong everyday. We talked everything out in that space. It was never forced. It just came naturally. The rest of the team would heckle Sales for ‘playing games all day’, but that’s not what was happening. We were learning. We were gelling. We were problem-solving. All in a manner we could consume. And it worked. We won…a lot…and we’re still friends who look to each other for advice years later.

Great post James. Thank you.

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