Forklifts in the Media

The forklift has its way into the media, and it is not for what you think it is! If you think that the forklift is used in the warehouse for lifting goods, here are some examples of how people have thought of creative ways to use the forklift, and for interesting results.

1) In the News: Thieves Have Used a Stolen Forklift to Steal an ATM

In Fayetteville, Georgia, some enterprising thieves somehow managed to steal a forklift and then used that stolen forklift to make off with an ATM machine. Security video reveals a forklift ramming into the 2,000 pound ATM machine and taking it out from its foundation. The ATM machine had $113,000 cash in it. Fortunately, there was a GPS tracker within the ATM, which allowed the police to locate its position. They may get an “A” for effort, but the thieves did not get away with anything else.

2) Create a basketball hoop

You can put the basketball hoop on a forklift, raise up the forks, and play basketball! You can adjust the height according to what you desire!

Some would even go to the extent of driving the forklift with the basketball hoop and attempt to catch a jumping ball while driving the forklift. Please note that this result in dire consequences.

3) Forklifts are used to rescue the obese

From: The Telegraph, 13 April 2012

Five firemen from a single Yorkshire town have injured their backs and muscles while trying to manoeuvre overweight people in the past two years, a report found. It resulted in a total of 13 working days being lost as the injured officers recovered.

Now crews in Rotherham, one of Britain’s fattest towns, are using forklift trucks and hydrolic platforms to rescue fat people from fires and falls and to help the ambulance service move bariatric patients to hospital.

“As with any emergency situation, the risk for injury to staff is minimised but the rescue of people in these circumstances tends to be problematic due to the limited space in traditional houses, especially hallways and stairs.”