Ethereum is the Forefront of Digital Currency
Fred Ehrsam

I am glad there are altcoins doing different things I don’t think Bit Coin should integrate non vetted tech into their coin let alt coins do this and run it in a manner and for a time period that shows a level of safety then maybe consider it at this point.

No one says you cannot invest in Ether to me it is more annoying when all coins try to do the same things Bitcoin was not meant to be a super coin that holds every advantage nor was it invented to be some investor coin it was invented as a proof of concept to operate under the terms it operates under.

For me an interesting coin right now is particl I am curious to see how the market developed as well as its anonymous features fair in multiple 3rd party tests . And I am curious to use MAD escrow built into the coin. As far as use cases go I cannot see many more use cases to be covered even if they could be coded by users when it comes to finance other than potentially loans and such which may be best left to separate entities due to regulations and what have you.

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