Why Everyone Missed the Most Mind-Blowing Feature of Cryptocurrency
Daniel Jeffries

In order to be non central we must also build outside networks externets if you will. The problem is unless we find a way to keep a band of communications that is not regulated such as person to person we will be unable to truly be decentralized.

We must understand the full game in play right now the internet is shifting to a highly regulated body everything down to the equipment you use to access the internet is a part of the problem really there is a movement on all fronts to make every device trackable. Liabilities could make it near impossible for one to operate in an anonymous fashion. There are movements in hardware to make things trackable that most people are not aware of there are movements in software to make things trackable movements in emails to make things trackable movements in legal frameworks to make things illegal and movements in regulatory bodies to give them absolute power over our central authority AKA internet kill switch.

What we need here:

Localized ham radio networks in mesh topologies and a coin that would be useable on this network with very little effort and money needed for hardware.

A group of satellites launched for a crypto currency that would get blockchain information from everyone who participates in satellite coin which would require a piece of hardware such as a cheap satellite transciever to participate in the coin and have a wallet. Which would allow people to have coins. This should be done on as many bands as possible.

There should be a cellular crypto network activated and supported by the community a cellular wallet which one could use their own cell phones to complete transactions the typical internet.

I guess essentially what we need is an entire non internet based system.

Maybe we could just set up a wifi router based crypto currency with most wifi routers having WDS bridging capabilities possibly a firmware and connection modification of how routers work their firmware would enable one router to connect with another router possibly to form an external network outside of the internet so that information could be passed from router to router via wifi eventually enabling an entirely new network but in its inception phase we should have many heads as you say so maybe have public access routers for individuals from which they could access current block chain data. Essentially a router with a harddrive tied to it a blockchain wifi router that only connects to the internet implicitly to update the blockchain on the hard drive then from there add code to these routers or possibly even design intermediary devices to connect one router with another router to gain updates in the case that the internet goes down. The great thing is the internet kill switch would not only disable transactions of digital currency but it would kill economics of fiat currency as well but the banks may be allowed a connection by the central authority so you may have to drive up to a bank in order to use your US dollars and the internet so what we would need is a counter measure such as a wifi router topology .

Bottom line is we need external methods of using the chain as well as offchain currency tied to the chain for use in case of an outage but how does one become assured that multiple notes are not going to be created? How can we devise a method beyond typical watermarks holographs and so on that all can be reproduced? How about this a note that carries a password that would have to be verified and changed once it is exchanged so the password association would change as it is passed along to each individual.

So here is how it works Bob creates the note with his digital token once done he then must create a password which he must pass on to the next individual. The next individual would then verify the password through a QR Scan and enter the password from which point they could have digital tokens sent to their wallet or keep it as a physical token and change the password at this time. This would prevent bob from making replicas of the coin while this is semi off chain it would still require the chain to operate but at the same time it would give people person to person interaction which is often a sense of security. Maybe it is possible with an application and rolling keys to do more but either way the blockchain would have to be connected to so a password to me is the most practical method it would make offline wallets useable like a bill essentially. Possibly we could have counterfeit detection maybe the blockchain could store private info such as the signature of a picture which takes into account 3 elements that are user drawn say a circle a square and a triangle and store the signature of where these are located as well as the size but I suppose someone could use a bar with two pens on either end at the exact same position and draw it on 3 bills errr I have been typing this for the last 2 hours and thought of twenty other ways that could all be defeated as well I think password and verification is about the only method that is realistic of off chain bill storage bat at the time of transaction you would need verification thus needing the chain and also the ability to change the password this should go a lot faster though than miners solving cryptographic puzzles for verification of transaction it would also make it less deterministic on what is being spent on what as it would be a person to person transaction.

Bottom line is that in order for it to work as stated and wanted in your article there is much more that must be done.