I am always worried when republicans and the baizuo (western liberals) unite and agree on…

N C used the term “baizuo” (白左). Many people may be unfamiliar with this term, but I think it is an important neologism from outside western culture that those who consider themselves “left” in the West need to think about. It is a term used in Chinese social media to refer to western liberals.

Before I dig too much into what the term means outside of its literal translation of “white left”, I would like to point out why it is significant. Sometimes despite their most earnest attempts at introspection, people cannot see past their own egos and distorted self-images to appreciate their own essence. The anorexic person looks in the mirror and sees fat, while the obese person looks in the mirror and sees a healthy image of fitness. Due to the hyper-transience and plastic superficiality of their culture, this is a particular problem for Americans.

Sometimes an outside opinion can be of immense value.

There are things Americans cannot say, and realities that are taboo to acknowledge, even silently to themselves. A classic example is the term “retarded”. It is a severe breach of political correctness to refer to someone with a very low IQ as “retarded”. Oddly enough “retarded” was introduced as a euphemism for the technical terms “moron” (IQ between 51 and 70), “imbecile” (IQ between 26 and 50), and “idiot” (IQ between 0 and 25). “Retarded” simply meant “delayed” and was intended as a gentle replacement for terms that had developed negative connotations. Of course, nobody who understands how language works is at all surprised that “retarded” took on connotations just as negative as the terms idiot, imbecile, and moron, but retarded too became a taboo word and was replaced with “special”. Naturally, “special” has likewise taken on negative connotations and is in the process of being replaced with “exceptional” (strangely fitting as all Americans consider themselves “exceptional”).

The problem isn’t with the words, though, is it? The problem is with the thoughts and the concepts. Thus those who considered themselves “enlightened” and “liberal minded” in America pursued a policy of not thinking “bad thoughts” about the unfortunate, be they retards or Black Americans or anyone else for whom the market economy was making life difficult.

At the same time the traditional left in America was ideologically destroyed. Capitalist control over mass media and the content of education imprinted on all Americans the fact that Karl Marx personally murdered billions and billions of people. Since the American left was convinced to accept capitalism as a law of nature and the end of history, they could no longer blame injustice in society upon socially produced capital being controlled by private interests. Obviously, though, injustice still existed (and still exists), so from whence cometh the injustice? An answer was supplied by the ever-helpful capitalist intellectuals (all professional intellectuals in a capitalist society are capitalist intellectuals… they know who butters their bread): The injustice comes from people, particularly the white working class, thinking bad thoughts about people. Choosing the white working class as the biggest culprits for all of society’s ills didn’t have anything to do with that demographic being the biggest threat to capitalism… no! “Check yer privilege!” shrieked the capitalist intellectuals.

As a consequence American leftist ideology transformed from the noble quest to challenge capitalism and democratize the economy into the steaming pile of horseshit that is “identity politics”. It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that the white working class wasn’t terribly enamored with this redefinition of what “left” meant and they left the left. They still want to take down the corporate elites, but since nobody is offering that they go with whoever fights political correctness, identity politics, and related retardedness instead.

Sadly, American culture has metastasized and this redefinition of what “left” means has spread to Europe.

The western left does not realize that they have gone full retard. They look in the mirror and instead of shallow and manipulated stupidity, they see wise self-sacrifice and nobility. The western left that identifies as “white” engages in masochistic self-flagellation. “I am to blame for society’s ills! Certainly not as much as those hideous white working class scum, but since I am white, it is my fault too!”

Western “leftists” cannot see how utterly and contemptibly messed up this new definition of “left” has caused them to become. The Chinese, who have not adopted this redefinition of “left”, can see it quite clearly, though, and have coined a term to refer to it: “Baizuo”. It basically refers to a kind of masochistic and stupid arrogance; arrogance that to anyone not afflicted with the disorder is obviously empty of any virtue.

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