Importance of Envelope Openers and Folder Inserters in an Office

Know Everything about Envelope Openers

An envelope opener or popularly known as paper knife is a common office tool used for slicing through the envelopes and revealing the inside contents. Looking at the history and origin of paper knife, it was used way back to separate the pages of a new book as the printing was not so good that it could separate all the pages neatly. Over the time, these paper knives began to be used as envelope openers. In any office or company that receives and sends loads of envelopes every day, paper knife is an essential commodity. Paper knife is most used by that department of a company which receives a lot of letters or queries or anything else in an envelope. For big position holders in a company, their envelopes are managed by their secretaries. Talking about their shape and size, it is not a big tool and is available in a number of designs and colors. They are made of plastic, metal, ivory or even mix of different kinds of material. Along with everything else, these things have also modernized with technologies as these days you can easily find electric envelope openers too. In the modern and professional mode of information transfer around the world, letters are still widely used. Therefore, despite of extreme technology advancements, we still use some of the conventional ways for fulfilling number of purposes. Envelopes and envelope openers are some of them.

Characteristics and Features of Folder Inserters

In any major firm or office, a lot of database and stuff is still managed on paper and efficient transfer of information is still done using paper. Obviously, we need something to hold the papers together in order and in a neat way while those pieces of information is being transferred. Majorly, folders are used for this purpose. A folder is something more robust and bigger in size envelope used to hold plenty of papers together. In the process of making a folder, carefully keeping the things inside it and sealing it perfectly is important. But the main drawback is that this process takes a lot of time. Any employee who does this kind of work knows how time wasting this process is. Despite of putting all your efforts, you could still end up with untidy finish. Folder inserters are made to solve this problem. These devices take paper and big envelopes as input, and gives you a neatly made folder out of it with proper sealing and pasting. Folder inserters are a great help in a corporate environment and are also available in a number of different variants.

Choosing the Right Folder Inserter According to Your Need

Folder inserters are of many types. Some folds the paper while inserting them and some do that according to the size of their envelopes. Low price folder inserters can put only a specific amount of sheets inside an envelope or folder. Whereas, higher end folder inserters can also print the documents as well as place them neatly in a folder. This way they are able to handle multiple processes all at the same time.

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