Use Paper Cutters and make the job of cutting paper easy

There are different varieties of paper cutters that can make your job of trimming the edges of photographs or cutting a straight edge on heavy paper a lot easier. So if you are dealing with work that needs a lot of paper cutting then you can use one of the paper cutters that can give you the best and fattest service.

The Different Types of Paper Cutters that can make work simpler

Here is one paper trimmer that can make your work simpler and faster. It is called the guillotine trimmer which is used in photos, presentations and laminated stuff. It is made from a traditional cutter with a wood cutting surface and a sharp metal blade. It has a dual scale ruler and an alignment grid to help you measure the precise length for cutting. The other paper cutter that is available is multipurpose personal trimmer with cut and score blades

This paper trimmer has titanium bonded blades which are very sharp and long lasting. It can cut 5 sheets of 20lb paper. It is quite affordable costing only $7. Besides this there is heavy duty paper trimmer which makes the work much simpler. It is manufactured with high duty rotary cutter which is available in 12” and 15” size. Using this paper cutter you can cut 30 sheets of 20lb paper.

Install Paper Folders and Increase the productivity in the Office

Paper folding machines can be installed in offices to hasten the work of folding letters and increasing the productivity. These machines are very important in schools, banks, print shops and any other business establishments that handle a lot of mail and documents. Manual desktop folder can fold 7400 sheets per hour. The capacity of this machine is 200 sheets at a time. The cost of the machine is $500, so invest in this machine and get work done faster.

For smooth functioning of the folding machine there is Martin Yale Rubber Roll cleaner and conditioner which rejuvenates the rollers and helps in better performance and long life.It eliminates static electricity and makes paper folding smooth and worry free.

Pressure sealers to help provide sealing solutions to Schools and Businesses

Pressure sealers are used to seal one piece mailing documents without using paper folders which makes the work faster and simpler. These are used to seal single sheet or cut sheets ready for posting. TFs- 3500 can seal 3500 sheets per hour. This is the best solution for processing and sealing documents in any office and getting them ready for dispatch. It is designed for easy use with fully adjustable folding plates.

This relieves the burden of stamping and inserting into envelopes for posting thus saving money and time besides decreasing the amount of waste. It is easy to operate and can be connected to existing printer. This does not require water, glue or heat which makes a mess. As the form moves through the machine it is folded into place. The areas that would have been glued are arranged against each other and passed through the sealing rollers which apply high pressure and seal it for posting.

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