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GFRCGlass-fiber Reinforced Cement

GRC is the abbreviation of glass fiber reinforced cement composite. It is made from glass fiber, cement, sand and other composites according to certain proportion. It is molded in the mold to producea variety of shapes and textures. Of the products, are widely used in domesticand foreign characteristics of the building. GRC’s cementitious material is cement, so GFRC is also a concrete product, is a branch of the concreteindustry. Ordinary concrete compressive strength is high, but the bendingstrength, tensile strength and impact strength is low. GFRC decoration materials because of its incorporation of alkali-resistant glass fiber, making it in the above aspectsof performance compared to ordinary concrete has a qualitative leap, withoutreducing the advantages of concrete products in their own circumstances, GRC materials greatly improved the cement products Bending strength, tensile strength, impactstrength and reduce their own density. High-quality GRC products bendingstrength can reach 25Mpa, impact strength of 10–25KJ / m2, but its dry densityis only 1800–2000kg / m3, lighter than concrete products 1/5 or so. These characteristics make GRC compared to precast concrete or other cement products has a very significant advantage, especially when the need for thin-walledmaterials, the bending, the impact strength will be more obvious advantages.


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