Former Staff of FitzGibbon Media Respond To Statements, Professional Retaliation by Former Firm President

The following is a statement by former staff members of FitzGibbon Media on Trevor FitzGibbon’s announcement of his new firm following a US attorney’s decision declining to file criminal charges against FitzGibbon for sexual assault:

We stand together as former staff members who were targeted by Trevor FitzGibbon and had to live with the abuses at FitzGibbon Media — abuses that were entirely inappropriate and out of step with the values of the progressive movement.

Trevor FitzGibbon used the announcement that he evaded criminal charges in D.C. to promote the launch of his new firm and to retaliate against former staff who dared speak up.

In this desperate attempt to retaliate, some former FitzGibbon Media management this week released sensitive, confidential information from and about former employees. FitzGibbon’s efforts to shame victims of his abuse have resulted in significant emotional distress for former staff, and prove he has learned nothing since the closure of the firm. There is no place for this kind of behavior in the progressive movement.

We have not forgotten the treatment we faced because of Trevor FitzGibbon’s blatant disregard for our lives, our work and our families. We were left without jobs and without healthcare. Some of us are still rebuilding our lives and our careers. HR processes and systems at the firm failed us. The justice system failed us, as it too often fails survivors of sexual harassment and assault. We hope anyone with a dedication to supporting survivors will see through this hollow effort.

We have also not forgotten the outpouring of support from former colleagues, former clients, and other members of the progressive community that has continued since the firm’s closing. We urge members of the progressive community and journalists to seriously question the credibility of FitzGibbon’s claims. These claims are deeply rooted in personal attacks against those of us who have dared to stand up and speak out about his behavior, both before and after Trevor closed the firm as a result of the accusations against him.