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Interestingly, a few generations ago brand management didn’t exist. The paradox of choice didn’t exist, because people didn’t have a choice. Marketing operations such as advertising and PR are rooted and informed by a higher guiding strategy about what the brand will represent to the target audience. Brand management is the core of any business. I grew up in a post-Soviet union country, where everything was produced and owned by the government. Central monopoly eliminated competition. Even in Western countries, people didn’t experience 100 different varieties of cheese and candies in supermarkets. Supermarkets weren’t that super indeed.


Avoid becoming obsolete! In the mid-to-late, 2000s big companies missed the social media train. Businesses were inflexible for new changes, and couldn’t see the potential behind Facebook and Twitter.

We as human beings love to settle, love to keep things as they are. Unfortunately, in a globalized competitive world, if you don’t adapt to changes, review and renovate your processes; your competitor will. And we all know what is next… Nokia have build the first phone you loved, but now they make infrastructure that undergirds the mobile internet. Don’t be Nokia.

There are many trends that you shouldn’t miss. AI…

Sales sheet is a powerful marketing tool usually used as a first step in the sales funnel. It creates awareness and can turn a prospect into a lead. You can send sales sheet to as many prospects as possible within seconds! This marketing tool can become a beginning of a long-term customer relationship with your company.

Ideal sales sheet is informative, professional looking, corresponds to the overall positioning of your business and most importantly it catches the attention of your buyer persona.

Although it is believed that the sales sheet is a technical document, the design is as important, as…

A successful SaaS startup consists of three essential components: a killer idea, a desire to get things done and the right tools. Unfortunately, we cannot help you with the first two, but we can recommend valuable marketing tools for SaaS companies.

SaaS marketing is by far the most challenging one. Your customers are located across the world and your product itself is continually changing, adding new features or taking totally different marketing direction. So you can not use traditional marketing channels to attract prospects. Although the task is hard, luckily there is a marketing softwares that can make your desired…

Backlinks are important. The reason is simple: the reference profile of the website plays an essential role in the promotion.

If many links point to your website, search engines like Google can infer that content is valuable. So backlinks have a positive effect on your website’s ranking position or search visibility.

Side note: Often backlinks are called “link juice” in SEO industry jargon. Do you want people to know your brand name and your product? It’s possible with backlinks.

There are many powerful backlinks method you can choose from. …

Why developers are different from others?

Developers are aliens of the 21st century. We tend to have specific associations related to them. We imagine a geek wearing a big hoodie, antisocial or “not social,” who talks, thinks and lives in praise of technology. Structure and solitude make them comfortable, so they alienate from modern crowded societies.
If you are a developer, this article is for you. Have fun reading it! Alternatively, if you want to understand them better, this blog is a 101 introduction to the new world of programming.

Why developers are different from other …. human species?

Here is a Pop Quiz for anyone responsible for marketing a technical product:

  1. Do you know which content type is consumed most often to evaluate a technology purchase?
  2. Do you know which content type is most influential?
  3. If you knew that the answer to both of these questions is one and the same, what would change in your content creation process? What about your resource allocation?

It is true, technical data sheets are considered the top content type ranked by consumption and influence in the purchasing process.

You would think that companies who have technical data to market would leave…

Marketers make mistakes, as we are all human beings and we operate in a globalized, unpredictable world. Sometimes marketing specialist put companies in uncomfortable, public shaming situation. Some brands end up losing millions of dollars. The unlucky ones go bankrupt.

Companies are under immense pressure to increase market share, expand to new markets, develop a new product, create a viral marketing campaign and etc. To persuade those goals brands from electronics to sweet producers fail miserably trying to keep up with target goals.

We created a list of biggest marketing mistakes of all time. The list includes big corporations like…

Written by Duygu Aksoy

Everybody ever wondered what is it like to be your own boss. Startup raising million dollars news pops up from here and there creating an image of easy, Moonshot success.

All of us have new business ideas that would “change the world” and “make it a better place” with your unique solution to the common or niche problem. Your startup idea can be based on intuition or forecasts and data. But overall you have a plan! Right? Trends change with time. A few years ago corporate clerks quitted tedious 9–5 work and opened coffee shops or…

Any startup is a story about business. The end of the story can be happy or sad. 90% of startups fail. Moreover, 14% fail due to poor marketing strategy.

Marketing evolves with speed that nobody can catch up. It changes with internet, technologies, and competition, that push professionals to learn fast and adapt. Developing your product and perfecting it is as important as building a unique marketing strategy. In the world where each company claims to “make your life better,” you need marketing to increase your sales and improve the bottom line. Your product can be perfect, but it won’t…


Enrich product documents — Create professional datasheet in minutes…

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