The old way of authoritarian marketing is over. Today, your customers want conversations.

Gartner predicted conversational marketing would be a recognized channel for customer engagement this year and used extensively in marketing and sales. Its analysts were correct-conversational marketing is pretty much everywhere now.

Over the past few years, consumer behavior and expectations have changed, along with the ways businesses interact with their audience. The rise of conversational marketing is a testament to that. Still on the fence? Here are four excellent reasons why you should adopt a conversational marketing strategy to engage with your target audience:

1. People Often Ignore Sponsored Ads

The number…

In case you are searching for a guide on how to start a podcast in 2019, you have landed in the right place!

The process of launching your own podcast isn’t as hard as many people think, but there are some things that you need to keep in mind before you start. In this report, we’ll guide you through every step of the procedure — from picking an appropriate name and topic to promoting your podcast, so you aren’t left wondering.

Why should you start a podcast in the first place?

Podcasting is a media tool characterized by less…

Brand Conversations

Don’t Market, Position Conversationally.

Conversations are the new brand experience — Salesforce

It is no secret that brand interactions have changed, a lot. Social channels and crowd-sourced review forums give people the chance to connect with peers at scale and be influencers without being an endorsed celebrity. So, power lies with the consumer today, more than at any point in the past.

There is a shift of authority from brands to the individual in the decentralization of media.

You can blast your opinion out on LinkedIn, Instagram, or any other media channel, just like everyone else. …

Sales and Marketing Team Reviewing Data Analytics and Sales Goals

The new reality is that sales and marketing are continuously and increasingly integrated. Marketing needs to know more about sales, sales need to know more about marketing, and we all need to know more about our customers.” Jill Rowley

An Opportunity to Increase Performance

Welcome to 2019’s always-on marketing environment where content is dynamic, campaigns A-B test continuously, and monolithic site architecture is dying! For most of us, product build cycles are getting shorter, and sites are getting put up more quickly. People must be empowered to collaborate more swiftly than ever before.

In my mind, web development is changing in the aspect that we are moving from building static websites to developing fluid content and brand collections that can be crafted into a campaign or condensed into a post and distributed across various channels.

Here at Formulate, we’ve spent the last few…

Create the perfect shareable, can’t get out of your head, tagline!

Tagline Line Art by Arif @formulateio

A tagline enforces your persona, identity, and position.

A unique and creative tagline can help people remember you and drive a powerful impact on consumer buying trends. That is because it can catch someone’s attention in seconds and serve as a statement of your brand on its own. So, how does one go about coining that smart phrase that everyone knows? Awareness takes time and global recognition aside, you can craft a tagline that elicits brand recall within your industry and makes you stand out among the rest.

Innovating Thinking Around Brand Culture

Your brand culture starts with a purpose; one that shapes your identity and can burn like wildfire through the workplace if you fan the flame. And you want to, because when your team is fired up they’ll help you build positive user experiences and ignite a conversation in society, making an impact.


Brand Culture is the system of beliefs, values, experiences, and material traits of a company, shared between employees and society.

Democrats Control House, as Republicans Hold Senate

The mid-term elections wrapped with the Democrats capturing control of the House of Representatives, dealing a veto-wielding blow to Trump. In return, he scored a hefty win in strengthening his clutch over the Senate. With control of the Senate, he is empowered to continue the conservative movement, from getting judges confirmed to receiving endorsements for Cabinet nominees that align with his agenda, including attorney general and defense secretary posts. …

Optimizing your campaign

The intersection of tech, marketing and analytics are where business success happens.

Emerging technologies, like AI and cloud economics, are driving customer data analytics capabilities and changing the marketing landscape. A customer journey can be tracked online, offline, and in-app, so web analytics alone fall short. Web analytics track site speed, visits, and load rate. Customer data analytics track people.

In the expanding market for content, data, and algorithms, new and emerging companies are delivering next-generation tools that automatically connect every touch point to a user for a holistic profile.

Check out 7 ways to build positive brand experiences, and learn how to improve customer conversion rates, attract new customers, and create a memorable brand.

Building a recognized brand grows more competitive each year, making it ever more challenging to stand out. That’s why brands are creating experiences for impact and to build a favorable impression in the minds of their audience.

Over the next seven sections, you will discover the critical experience marketing trends used by top brands to drive engagement, convert prospects, and increase sales.

The movement is clear — 90% of marketing professionals said brand experiences are…

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