Decentralized Capital on Epicenter (DVIP, IDEX, and Cash ETH)

CEO Alex Wearn joined Sebastien Couture and Brian Fabian Crain on Epicenter’s latest podcast to discuss the inner-workings of Decentralized Capital, as well as our plans for the future.

In the first half, you will learn more about DC’s contract architecture, security, scalability and our current response from both the community and financial regulators. Later on, our upcoming DVIP Membership sale, on-chain exchange (IDEX) and our overall business model in relation to competitors like Santander’s Cash ETH are discussed.

Take a look (important time markers are below):

(Topics Discussed)

2:05 — Background 
4:07 — Benefits of DC Assets
6:46 — Architecture 
9:27 — Crypto Capital Integration 
11:50 — Proof of Reserves
13:55 — Scalability
17:13 — Asset Issuance and Security
22:35 — Asset Freezing/Confiscation
27:48 — P2P Transfers
30:00 — Response Regulators 
32:07 — Transaction Monitoring and Analytics
33:30 — Custom Wallet
35:05 — Community Reception 
36:11 — DC Assets for Crowdsales
40:24 — On-Chain Cash MGMT
42:51 — Fungibility/Synergy between Stable Assets
46:48 — Santander and Cash ETH
49:31 — Business Model
51:46 — Crowdfunding Thoughts 
54:25 — Membership sale
57:55 — IDEX

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