IDEX Token Listing Guidelines

We are always searching for exciting new tokens to list on IDEX—the world’s leading non-custodial trading platform. Below you will find information on submitting a new token, the quality criteria we evaluate, and other information to help you better understand the IDEX token listing process.

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Submitting a Token to IDEX

Simply visit the IDEX Token Request Form and provide us with your token name, address, precision, website and other pertinent information.

Token Review

Once you have submitted the token to our team, we will carry out a careful review of the project’s platform, technology, and team. When evaluating a token, we look at the following characteristics:

  • An active community. It is important to show traction in the market. An engaged, active community of followers can be a good indication of a product’s long-term strength.
  • Robust, updated code. The quality of the development work and smart contracts underlying a token are paramount. We check GitHub and other sources to verify this.
  • In-place funding. It is important for businesses offering token platforms to have a source of revenue or other capital to guarantee their ability to carry on day-to-day operations and execute growth strategies. Funding can come from existing revenues, venture backing/fundraising, or a combination of the two.
  • A strong team with a demonstrated track record of expertise and success in building technology platforms and companies. This is arguably the most important consideration. The team is ultimately the driver of success for any business, and we place a great deal of importance on its background and capabilities.

Token Listing

The Aurora team carefully evaluates every token submitted for listing on IDEX within two weeks of submission. If a token meets our listing criteria, IDEX will request a meeting with the token’s team via webcam to finalize details. Pending this in-person meeting, the token will be added to IDEX and announced via our Twitter channel when it is available for trading.

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Building liquid cryptocurrency markets at Liquid Malta. Former Head of Marketing at IDEX.

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