Essential preparations for Christmas family parties

The Christmas season can fill the air with cheer and goodwill. It is a time when the pace of life slows down and allows people to take a step back and appreciate the small things in life. Very often we take our family for granted and this is one holiday season where you can demonstrate your love and appreciation of your family. So, if you are hosting a Christmas family party, you would want everything to be perfect. But this means spending some time on preparing for the party.

Tidy Up the House

The last thing you need is grandma pointing out how untidy your home is and ruining your mood. If you intend hosting a family Christmas party, make space and tidy up your home. This way there will be ample space for the kids to play and also for the adults to sit amidst neat surroundings and enjoy their eggnog.

Light Up the Drive Way

Welcome your guests into your home with light and warmth. So, use fairy lights, tea light garden lanterns and LED light sticks to decorate the pathway leading to your home. It will also make your home look beautiful and spread the spirit of joy in the neighbourhood.

Decorate Your Home

Decorate your home with Christmas decorations, such as mistletoe, evergreen garlands, wreaths, stockings, baubles and bells. Also, spend some time to decorate the windows with snowflakes, reindeer and small Christmas trees. You can easily create them with snow spray. Of course, every Christmas family party needs a beautiful Christmas tree, so don’t forget yours. If you want, you can invite the family members early and make it a tradition where everyone pitches in to decorate the tree. It can be a lot of fun and also help you bond with family members you haven’t met for a long time.

Gifts for All and Sundry

Spend some time searching for the right gift and then make an effort to beautifully wrap it. Place the gifts under the tree before your family arrives. Just make sure your kids are not tempted to rip off your hard work!

Plan the Menu

Food is an important part of Christmas family parties. So plan your menu well in advance taking into consideration your family’s likes and dislikes. Have a few extra snack options for the kids, as they will be hungry with all the running around. Also, instead of leaving all the cooking to the last day, try and make things a few days in advance and freeze them. This will leave you with sufficient time to mingle with your family rather than spending time in the kitchen. Alternatively, you can always ask each family to bring an item of food for a Christmas pot luck dinner.

Clean Those Windows

You can clean up everything in the house, but if you forget to clean those windows before decorating them, the whole effect will be ruined. You will have family members looking at everything with disapproval. So, use professionals to make your windows sparkle and your window decorations will look gorgeous from the inside and outside.

These are some of the essentials for hosting a Christmas family party. In addition, plan games and activities for kids and adults. Who said a party has to be all about sitting in front a fireplace and talking? You can infuse great fun into the party by getting everyone to let down their hair and participate in the activities and games. Also, don’t forget little treat bags for your family. Hand it over to them as they leave and yours will be their favourite Christmas party.

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