I’m writing this not because I have time to spare (I don’t) but because I want you to understand what an assault Trump is on American democracy. Because a few months ago I, a double-Ivy League-educated lawyer, didn’t understand it.

Back then, a left-leaning Facebook friend posted a link to the news of Timothy Klausutis’s letter to Jack Dorsey (Twitter’s CEO) asking how Dorsey could allow 45 to tweet garbage — in this case a statement (or suggestion) that had been proven false a decade and a half earlier. (The suggestion was that former GOP Congressman Joe Scarborough was complicit in the death of Mr. Klausutis’s late wife, who was then a staffer of Mr. Scarborough’s. A medical examiner had determined in 2001 that Lori Klausutis had fainted from an undiagnosed heart condition and the blow she took to the head on the way down killed her.) I agreed with the comment that it was a disgrace that the president’s tweet wasn’t removed, and it was a disgrace that 45 was dredging up this woman’s sad (albeit natural) death to baselessly hurt one of his more vocal critics and, in so doing, sully the late woman’s memory and renew her family’s pain. (This is only more offensive when you consider that Dorsey/Twitter immediately took down as hateful and inciting the tweets (and the whole account) of someone whose account only served to repost Trump’s tweets as though original to him. …

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