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That’s a silly thing to assert — that the swastikas are from *us guys*. So you know the perpetrators personally? The fact that a Trump supporter got a swastika spray-painted on his house means that all of those cars and houses that got vandalized with slurs, the Muslim women who had their hijabs grabbed or their persons physically assaulted, the black and Latino children who get beaten up at school, those are all *us guys*, right? Give me a break. And those two Northwestern idiots are nothing like me and my people.

It’s super that you think the examples you listed above are not frightening. Let me guess: you’re a white male or a person who can pass as a white male. Any type of threat is dangerous and has the potential to escalate into violence. Harassment and bullying should never be taken lightly.

Trump supporters don’t equate Trump with Hitler? Perhaps not all of them, but given the KKK’s public jubilation and victory parades in D.C. and North Carolina, white supremacists certainly celebrate his election as affirmation that white supremacy will reign again.

Enough of your apologism. You don’t have any credibility. I personally know people who had never received threats on their lives or physically assaulted until this year. And stop putting words in my mouth. I said that BLM demonstrations attract opportunists who purposely create chaos. I do not identify them as ‘outside agitators.’ I identify them as people with intentions detrimental to the movement.

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