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This is what happened after Obama’s election:
And this doesn’t include the Tea Party Birther protests that took place over the years after his election, when he was accused of being a Muslim Kenyan socialist. 2nd Amendment enthusiasts brandished high-capacity assault weapons at rallies and into grocery stores.

The demonstrations continue now, even after Trump has been elected, by KKK and white nationalist parties celebrating his victory, actively intimidating non-whites.

The overwhelming majority of vandalism, harassment, and assault post-election has been committed by Trump supporters. Public and private property have been defaced with swastikas, the n-word, epithets against Muslims and Latinos, and innocent individuals have been attacked by strangers because of how they look or what they’re wearing. Yes, there have been a few retaliatory incidents against Trump supporters when clashing with anti-Trump supporters, very few. Black Lives Matter demonstrations sometimes attract opportunists who purposely try to create chaos, and the movement itself disavows violence and destruction since it gives them a bad name and delegitimizes their cause.

As long as racism, misogyny, homophobia, and xenophobia persist in this country, protest against these ugly aspects of our society will continue.

I do not condone violence or property damage. I fully support nonviolent resistance and civil disobedience. You are absolutely right that 10,000 people didn’t march in cities across the country to protest Obama’s election. They had no reason to do so. Obama did not say hateful, disgusting things targeting women and minorities — the worst he said was that people “cling to guns and religion,” and he admitted it was not the right thing to say.

I think thousands more should protest against Trump for the vitriol he has spewed against particular groups and demand investigations into his relationship with Russian oligarchs. His business dealings should face more scrutiny than Clinton e-mails. He is currently using his president-elect status to enhance his business portfolio to enrich himself as international diplomats reserve the priciest suites in his hotel to have private conversations with him and his family. His tax “reform” gives the biggest cuts to the wealthiest 1%; his “infrastructure” plan consists of giving tax credits to construction companies and investors. He doesn’t have a healthcare replacement for the ACA; Republicans in Congress want to privatize Medicare and shift Medicaid into an exchange much like Obamacare, and now Trump has changed his promise not to touch Medicare to “modernizing” Medicare. Trump has served only himself his entire life — do you really think he ran for president to do anything for you? You have been fooled, bigly.