so what’s your solution to the highlight problem now? do you just use instapaper?
Steven Zhang

1. I made the switch to Instapaper, which was annoying but necessary. That one share feature bug was giving me a huge headache, causing massive pileup. I’m also enjoying Liner for highlighting: on iPad only, all you have to do is one-finger highlight passages you want to save, and then switch to another view which only shows highlights, then one-button export to Evernote, where it arrives beautifully formatted with original link and title. They need to work out some bugs but I swear I would forego all the fancy features of pocket and Instapaper for this brilliant implementation.

2. It’s confusing because I’m now I’m using the word highlighting for 2 separate layers. The original highlights of the source text aren’t really highlights, because I’m usually saving whole paragraphs so they’re coherent (as above, with Liner). This is more like standard note-taking. Once the plain text is in Evernote (exported from Liner or Instapaper), then it goes through the layers of bolding and highlighting, at this point only a very few terms or sentences

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