Hi Tiago,

Thank you for your thoughts Brad.

I agree there is much more to be said about Evernote and note-taking/organization/personal knowledge management systems in general. My main focus right now is actually developing a full course based on the ideas in that blog post, which should be released around the new year. Stay tuned!

I also agree we are just beginning to see the potential of integrations, automation, and mobile devices. What I believe is missing is the “middleware” layer, the practices and habits and mental models that govern how we perceive and use these tools. They take much longer to change, and don’t double every 18 months. I have some things in the works on this too.

I like the idea of having a shared Evernotebook. I do want to find new ways of sharing all the info I’ve “compressed,” and helping others do the same. Otherwise we’ll always be stuck learning everything from scratch, however efficiently. I’ll try a little test in my next post.

I’m also considering a Slack channel or some other community platform like Discourse. I’m running a beta group for the Evernote course on Slack now as a test, but the lack of separate threads is an issue. I want to avoid Facebook for a productivity group, but other options may have to be paid, and the membership revenue needs to support it.

Thanks for the ideas, and keep sending them!

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