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This is a quick message to let you know that after nearly 4 wonderful years, we’re leaving the Medium platform. It’s been an honor and a pleasure writing for you all, but it’s time for the next phase of our evolution as we grow beyond what Medium is designed for.

You can read about why (and how) we’re making the transition in my (last!) article, Why I’m Leaving Medium (13m).

If you subscribe on the new site by April 29, you’ll get a 30-day free trial, AND be grandfathered in forever at the legacy rate of $5 per month (or $50 per year). …

I’ve been writing on Medium for three and a half years.

In that time, I’ve written somewhere north of 100,000 words, in more than 50 long-form essays, read by many tens of thousands of people. I’m a “Top Writer” in two of the most popular categories on the site — Productivity and Reading — and have more than 8,000 followers between my personal profile and my publication. Praxis is a paywalled publication generating almost $2,000 in recurring monthly revenue from 400+ subscribers.

I don’t think there’s anyone more invested in the success of Medium than I am. And over the next week I’ll be taking my writing and my audience to a new Wordpress blog. …

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There have been 3 Eras of Productivity in modern times, each defined by a seminal book:

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The Values-First Era at the dawn of corporate America told us that character was the most important thing. If you were a virtuous person, living according to principles and high ideals, you’d be successful. But then the cutthroat corporate culture of the 1980’s set in, and everyone realized they had to look out for their own interests.

The Goals-First Era came next, proclaiming that we should have clear goals to help focus our efforts. No one was going to give us a handout, so we had to ruthlessly drive toward the outcomes we wanted to happen. But goals too lost their luster. As the new millennium began and the uncertainty in the world spun seemingly out of control, we started looking for a process to follow. …


Tiago Forte

Founder of productivity consultancy/training firm Forte Labs (fortelabs.co), editor of members-only publication Praxis (praxis.fortelabs.co)

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