The Destiny of Man

In this age, man has ONLY one destiny — to be Godlike. To be perfect is to be like God for God is the embodiment of perfection.

God said “Let us make man in our own image” (this does not mean that you look like God), and requires man’s acceptance of his will to perfect him. The Spirit of God dwells in every normal human (“The true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world”), and it is as man allows this Light to guide him daily to become Godlike that a new spirit (soul) begins forming in him (Jesus called this being born again) and made up of all the godly qualities of that person. Think of it as using clay (your body) to shape molten metal (your soul); the clay is destroyed, and the metal remains. Think of it also as the Spirit of the Father guiding you to make those choices which cause your soul to grow, then in death, your soul bearing your identity, virtues and memories of eternal value, ascends to the Father.

Any man that dies without having a soul of survival value (say an underdeveloped fetus) is ultimately perished; this is the second death. Man was not made to live life on earth forever but to create a soul (if he so wishes) which lives on after his flesh had returned to the dust.

This is not about converting to Christianity, Hinduism, Islam —has no regard for dogmas, gender, race, nor color — this is personal, and since everyone is concerned the message must reach the very ends of the earth. Men have known this truth in ages past, walked with God and have been translated into Heaven without seeing natural death as they reached levels of maturity in the “inner man”.

So how are you, and your “Director of Worship”, facilitating this single and noble transaction now that you know the truth, and the veil of ignorance has been removed?

Now you know why your cult creeds, observance of special days and laws, recitals and pilgrimages, slave or free, poor or rich, doctrines and accepted beliefs, have nothing to do with anything but your personal relationship with God, and your transformation thereby. You also know how sin (the deliberate endorsement of evil) actually retards your progress (sin has no spirit equivalent); how you can be rich and yet spiritually bankrupt, alive and yet dead, clothed yet naked, and how your survival in death ultimately rests on your very shoulders.

The Spirit of God which dwells in you has the sole mandate of transforming you into the image of God. If you become prosperous in the process by your Godlike character then so be it; but to expect earthly riches from your partner in ascension is to delay your spiritual progress, and waste your own time.

This is Christ’s message of salvation; the Jews crucifying him when they failed to reconcile his revelations with what they had received from the prophets; his blood now used in cleansing the so-called “original sin.”

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Matthew 5:48 (you are not yet perfect)
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