Transformed by that which we behold

When we acknowledge the truth that our primary destiny in the current universe age is to be like God, and accept the will of God to perfect us, we gradually find ourselves shedding the burdens of our former selves, even those things that are unprofitable to our spiritual growth, and becoming that which we have set before us — to be Godlike.

The daily consecration of your will to God could be as simple as — “Not my will but yours be done” — as it consists in your positive affirmation: “It is my will that your will be done.”

As you do this, you begin to experience the agencies of God (the very Spirit of God within you, Ministering Angels, Teachers of Truth, and so on) work together in various ways in guiding you to appreciate and accept higher ideals of living and spirit values, with the sole purpose of presenting you spotless before the Father, who even awaits you now. If you are not sure how to discern the voice of God, think of God as the embodiment of all that is truly noble, perfect, beautiful and just; and possessing none of the childlike qualities attributed with him in portions of the bible, and other “Holy Texts.”

Primitive man regards as neighbor only those very close to him, those who treat him neighborly; Jesus enlarged the neighbor scope to embrace the whole of humanity, even that we should love our enemies, and there is something in every normal human being that tells him this teaching is moral — right. Now you know what it means to appreciate higher ideals, even those values that hold true unto eternity.

Your journey towards God has only began. Do not lose hope because of your past failures or weaknesses, or even your inability to remember everything. The Father who loves us with an infinite love, does not take into consideration what we currently are, but rather what we desire to become.

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Romans 12:2
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Philippians 4:8